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  • January
    1. Decided to begin transition from Nursing to Homesteading
  • March
    1. Retired from Nursing
    2. Set up a practice homestead on family member's property
    - Planted six 4'x 8' garden beds
    - Built a Chicken Tractor
    - Acquired Chickens
    - Learned about composting
  • August
    1. Found a piece of land that meets criteria for a homestead
    2. Acquired more chickens for Chicken Tractor on Steroids System
  • September
    1. Closed on property
    2. Moved Airstream and Chickens to Strand Farm
  • October
    1. Purchased an enclosed trailer
    2. Purchased wood burning stove
    3. Finished Permaculture Design Consult through Perma Pastures Farm
    4. Learnt to fell trees for firewood
  • November
    1. Built Mudroom to connect Airstream to enclosed trailer
    2. Installed wood burning stove
    3. Planted first no-till garden bed
  • December
    1. Adopted two rescue barn cats
    2. Organized VHS collection


  • Build She-Shed
    - Pottery studio
    - Wood carving studio
  • Plant designated garden area
  • Establish Water Catchment System
  • Create Mountain Bike Trail
  • Store Food with Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
  • Build Woodshed
  • Plant Food Forest
  • Double Chicken Population
  • Guinea Hogs

Now and Later

  • Bridge Cardano Community to Homesteading Community