Foraging Mushrooms and Cooking with Ashley

Foraging Mushrooms and Cooking with Ashley

Life on the homestead is filled with many adventures and plot twists. This Week, Follow Ashley as she wanders Strand Farm in search of Pear Shaped Puff Ball mushrooms to add to her cast-iron skillet breakfast.

Part 1

Ashley and I developed a complete fascination of the mycelial world when we discovering Paul Stamets in 2018 (world renowned mycologist) through a conversation he had with Tim Ferriss. The Tim Ferriss interview transformed our hikes, dog walks, and mountain trail rides into slow moving nature baths and we love it.

"My team and I have discovered, over decades of study, that mushroom mycelium is a rich resource of new antimicrobial compounds, which work in concert, helping protecting the mushrooms - and us - from microbial pathogens." - Paul Stamets

There is an entire world just under the surface of leaf litter and amongst the forest. The recycling of life is taking place all around us all the time. Fungus is a major component of Strand Farm and we will be weaving mycology topics into this tapestry as we go.
The second video will reveal the cooking versatility of a single cast-iron pan. Watch Ashley as she creates her breakfast in our small cooking space (before we got our wood burning cook stove).

Part 2

We've learned over our time on the road that Incredible Food does not require a massive kitchen! Just a sharp knife, a cast-iron pan and an antique wood handled metal spatula creates incredible meals.

Perhaps a lens change is what you need to reinvigorate that boring chore of walking the dog, doing yard work or making that old mountain bike trail a thrill again. Reach out to us through our contact page and let us know what you thought of the Tim Ferriss and Paul Stamets interview or what types of mushrooms you are interested in!